Start Here

Welcome to Kodexa's Developer Portal! The next few pages will guide you through the platform registration process, give you an overview of the platform's UI, provide a basic understanding of Kodexa's Document content model, and introduce key functionality available in the platform.

In order to use our cloud capabilities, you'll need to register for an account and generate an access token. The instructions on our Registering for an Account page will guide you through that process.

We've provided a walkthrough of the platform to demonstrate how to use cloud Actions to process documents.

Dive into the structure of Kodexa's Document content model and learn how to get more value from your unstructured documents.

We've developed a collection of capabilities that allow developers to perform a variety of general processing and NLP operations against their unstructured data. These capabilities, known as actions, can be combined with other actions to create complex functionality.

See how to construct pipelines with a variety of document types in our interactive Jupyter notebooks.