Frequently Asked Questions

Answering some of those nagging thoughts

What's a Kodexa Document?

The Kodexa Document is our content model through which the management and structure of unstructured data is made possible. More information on the Kodexa Document's structure can be found in the Document and Content Nodes area of our Developer Documentation.

What's a Selector?

Selectors are a way to choose the parts of a document that you want to work with. You can learn more about them in the Selectors area of our Developer Documentation.

What's a slug?

A slug is just a short name that contains no spaces, uppercase characters, special characters (other than a dash).

Slugs allow components of the platform to be addressable with human-readable names for technical integration.

What does "Require Source" mean, and how do I handle it?

Some actions require access to the source document. Within Kodexa, we keep references to the source through the pipelines and actions.

If you are working in the Kodexa platform UI, you'll notice that the pipeline or action needs a source file to be provided. However, when you are working as a developer you will need to specify that you wish to send the source file to the cloud for processing.

What does Published mean? (coming soon)

Soon, you will have the ability publish actions and pipelines, allowing you to share them with people outside your organization. Publishing allows the ecosystem to grow, and lets people share useful pipelines or configurations for others to use.

When you publish a pipeline or action others will be able to see it, however they can not see the actual steps in your pipeline, or the details of how your action is implemented. They can only see the metadata and options necessary for your pipeline or action. In this way, you can let others work with your pipeline or action definition without worrying about losing control over the intellectual property (IP) you've developed.

We are currently working on ways to allow you to monetize your work, by making it public and then adding a pricing model.